The chiPAWgo Pack

ChiPAWgo’s first walk took place in Avondale in 2016 with Ozzie and Ian. We still walk there, but as our client base and customer needs expanded, we’ve grown to include walkers, pets and pooches residing all over the northwest side of Chicago and surrounding suburbs. 

A Note From chiPAWgo's Founder, Heather Friedman

My dogs are the greatest therapists and companions I have ever known. I would venture to guess you feel the same way about your pets. I left corporate America to start this business, not full well knowing the need for quality pet care that existed and the community I would build.

I often joke that this business got away from me, but really, this business saved me. I cannot imagine still toiling away at an office job. I would much rather be surrounded by wagging tails than cubicles.

Our Walkers

chiPAWgo employs a team of dedicated, experienced walkers who are as crazy about your pet as you are.  They send regular updates and check-ins via a text messaging app called Doggy Logs so you always know who visited your pet, how they are doing, and where they went.

 We only work with the best walkers and several of them have been with chiPAWgo from the beginning.  We believe pets are sensitive to  energy so our walkers and sitters have been vetted to ensure they can be a calming presence for your pet. They provide excellent care when you’re away, including always filling eater bowls, checking food, and working on basic commands and obedience, on top of making sure they get the exercise their bodies and minds need.

We truly believe it’s all about making sure your pet feels happy and comfortable. We’ve built a really great business and community on that philosophy. It’s given us a lot of hope and a lot to be thankful for.



Do You Love Pets? Join our team!

We’re always expanding our coverage and always in need to new and experienced walkers and pet sitters to ad to our pack. If you have a love of pets and are looking to make some extra income while stretching your legs and scratching furry heads, contact us!

Our Community Partners

As a small business ourself, we want to give a shout out to the other local small business owners who help us, who support us, and who are just plain awesome. Check them out and tell them chiPAWgo sent you.